Disinfestation is all the work we do to fight or preventively protect an area from insects and pests. Most insects are carriers of pathogenic microorganisms while others cause nuisance from their presence, their stings and the damage they cause.

The target insects are cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes, fleas, bedbugs, spiders, scorpions, fleas, termites, etc.

Because disinfestation is directly related to human health, the work should be done only by companies that are licensed for the specific work, have university-trained staff, specialized equipment and, above all, use products and methods that are 100% safe for humans and pets non-toxic and approved by the EOF and the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

Our company follows a specific procedure for disinfestation both in business premises and in houses and apartment buildings and which is analyzed as follows:

  • Site inspection to identify the insect and the possible causes responsible for the presence of the insect in the area.
  • Complete and scientifically documented information of the owner about the insect and the actions that we will follow so that he knows exactly what will happen in his space and what result he expects in the future.
  • Implement the appropriate way of dealing with the insect or the appropriate preventive actions to permanently eliminate the problem in the area
  • Provide a certificate of application (if it is a non-professional space) or update the disinfestation file (if it is a professional space).