With a complete rodenticide program our company achieves the complete liberation of a space from rodents (mice, rats) and prevents possible entry of rodents in it.

Rodents pose a major threat to public health because they can transmit a wide range of human diseases (leptospirosis, typhoid and faeces, etc.) as well as a wide range of parasites (fleas, ticks and lice).

Aspasia Kladou company uses new generation, highly attractive anticoagulants that fight even the most resistant rodents.

We are following a specific rodenticide procedure:

  • Detailed site inspection to identify rodent species and possible entry points
  • Informing the owner about our findings and the actions we will follow.
  • Use the most appropriate way to deal with the problem and the appropriate preventive actions to avoid the problem in the future (sealing in cracks and holes).
  • Placement of bait stations with rodenticide baits around the buildings and near the entrance sources.
  • Re-inspection of the site within 10 days and until the final elimination of the problem.
  • Provide a certificate of application (if it is a non-professional space) or update the disinfestation file (if it is a professional space).