In Aspasia Kladou company we deal with integrated pest management (redundancies and rodents) in all areas.

For us, the disinfestation of a space is an extremely important task where we need excellent knowledge of both pests and the appropriate way to combat and prevent them.

For this reason the responsible scientist of our company is an Agronomist . With us you will find solutions to every pest problem that concerns you and every question you answer will be scientifically substantiated.

Our goal is for your living and working space to be completely free of insects, rodents and germs.Our vision is to ensure a high quality of life through services that guarantee a healthy professional or home environment, free from parasites and any health risk.

Aspasia Kladou company with its scientific staff and its excellent equipment, ensures:

  • Effective control of hygiene conditions
  • Security of production facilities and products free of parasites

The services we provide:

efficiency & effectiveness at low cost.

At the same time, it guarantees consistently and solvency your exemption from any health risk.